Berlin - December 2009 Print

Kickoff meeting took place in Berlin (2009-12-10 - 2009-12-11).


  1. Short presentation / introduction of partners and their activities Establishing project platform on EBG (
  2. Project presentation. The WP leaders are moderating the activities. Their responsibilities in close cooperation with the coordinator are:
  • Moderation of WP activity
  • Creation of templates how, when, what to deliever
  • Gathering information for documents and reports
  • Coordinating partners inputs
  • Monitoring deadline
  1. Discussion about e-commerce solutions
  2. e-commerce course of EBG The course must be modified in accordance to the needs and lCT levels of the target groups in each country. Each partner decides which parts are likely to overtake and/or shorten for a course.
  3. Dissemination activities and further planning
  4. Administrative and financial issues
  5. Next steps
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